Three Way Conference – Goal Setting

On Friday October 5th 2018, SVP Primary school conducted three way conference. this conference marked the end of term 1 of this academic year. The main agenda of this three way conference is setting goals. This conference, is an opportunity for students to share their strength, areas for growth and to set a learning goals with their parents and teacher.

Before the conference, the students did self assessment first. In this step, with the help of their homeroom teacher, the students tried to identify how well their attitudes towards learning and their personal habits. After doing this they will make personal personal goals. Here , the students wrote the areas of improvement and planned steps to achieve them.

personal goals

Home conference is the step after self assessment. Here, the students and parents arrange 15 – 30 minutes  discussed students personal goals, added some goals if necessary and strategies to achieve the additional goals.parents reflection

On the conference day, parents, student and homeroom teachers sat together and fill in the goal setting form. Here, all parties discussed the learning goals and action to be taken. goal setting

Overall, the three way confrence conducted ran very smoothly. Most of the students and parents attended the conference.


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