Unit of Inquiry 3 How We Express Ourselves


How we express ourselves

An inquiry into the ways in which we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs and values; the ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity; our appreciation of the aesthetics

Central Idea

Photography captures what is significant to individual and society

Key Concepts

Function, perspective, reflection

Related Concepts

interpretation, uniqueness, responding, creating, inspiration

Learner Profile

Knowledgeable, Open-minded


Thinking, communication skills

Summative Assessment

What (knowledge): to know what is significant to their personal life and society

Why (conceptual understanding): in order to understand that people can reflect what is significant to their personal life and society through photography.

How (situation): As a photographer, you will choose something significant in your life and society through photography.


  • Choose something significant in your life and society
  • Capture images to represent it
  • Interpret the message/s conveyed through the images

Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia

Berbicara dan mendengar

WALT:   Memahami dan mempraktekkan  cara berdialog yang benar.


  • Memahami dan menjelaskan isi suatu pengumuman yang dibacakan
  • Berdialog setelah  menanggapi isi pengumuman yang dibacakan


WALT:  Membuat karangan narasi


  • Menjelaskan unsur-unsur karangan narasi 
  • menemukan gagasan utama dari berbagai karangan narasi
  • membuat kesimpulan dari suatu karangan narasi  

Menulis / Tata Bahasa:

WALT: Memahami penggunaan berbagai macam imbuhan


Menggunakan Kata Sambung  ( dengan , karena ) , Awalan ( Ber- , Me- , Ter- ) dan Akhiran (-kan , -i)


To support our Unit of Inquiry – How we express ourselves, we will be exploring personal narratives. We will be learning how to uses senses vocabulary and figurative language to enrich our writing as we create a story to accompany our favourite photograph.


To support the concept of function, we will learn:


WALT:  Find Perimeter and area of 2D Figures


1.Finds the area of parallelograms

2.Finds the area of triangles

3. Finds the area of trapezoids

4. Finds the area of rhombuses

5. Finds the area of kites


  1. Determines the sum of angles in a straight line and around a point
  2. Determines complementary and supplementary angles
  3. Determines vertically opposite angles
  4. Determines the sum of interior angles of triangles
  5. Determines the sum of interior angles of quadrilaterals
  6. Determines the sum of interior angles of regular polygons.
  7. Solves problem related to angles

Shape and Space

WALT:  Describe 2D Properties of some quadrilaterals


  1.    Describes properties of rectangle and square
  2.    Describes properties of parallelogram
  3.    Describes properties of rhombus
  4.    Describes properties of trapezoid
  5.    Describes properties of kite


To support the concept of function and perspective, we will learn how to edit an image/photo artistically.

Visual Art

To support the concept of function, students will learn about crafting. They will create custom photo jigsaw puzzle.

WALT : Create custom photo jigsaw puzzle (family photo)


  • Complete tools and materials preparation
  • Family photo
  • generalized the size of photo and size of puzzle to be put on correctly
  • tidy artwork

Physical Exercise

To support the concept of Function, students are going to learn about gymnastic. The will develop coordination movement in gymnastics.

WALT:  Understanding and appreciation of gymnastics.


  1. Develop the ability to lift, carry, set up, dismantle and store apparatus correctly and safely.
  2. Develop awareness of others when using apparatus.


To support the concept of Reflection  students are going to learn about learn sing a song. The will learn pronounce the vocabulary, respond questions, recognize words , writting hanzi and pin yin , and sing a song.


Describe Learn Sing a song

WILF                    :

Ø  pronounce about Learn Sing a song

Ø  respond clearly to a question about Learn Sing a song

Ø  recognize written words about Learn Sing a song

Ø  write hanzi by memorizing the steps

Ø  Practise sing a song “ shang xue ge “

Performing Art (Music)


Rhythm and melodies.


  1.    Learn how to play instruments.
  2.    Apply rhythm to instrument.




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