1819 Nursery – Transferring Water (PE)

It is the third week of October and our students looked happy to be back to school after a week of holiday. To begin the school, Nursery students were doing transferring water. It is a game which is done in a small group (between 3-4 persons) using tools that are easy to find (so next time they can try it at home if they want to).

Even though the game sounds simple, these young students gain some benefits when playing. Firstly this game teaches them about teamwork as they were trying to transfer water from their cup into their team mate’s until the last person succeeded in pouring that amount of water into a container. Secondly through this game students learnt how to communicate with their peers in order to achieve their goal. Thirdly they started to develop self-confidence as they were trying to compete with other group. Fourthly, this activity improves the students’ motor skills and hand-eye coordination since they should carefully pour the water to remain dry.

After playing, the students reflected their learning by using one of the visible thinking tools, which is De Bono’s thinking hats. White hat represents the facts where students should explain what they have played, how to play, and whom they played with. Red hat represents their feelings when doing the activity. Yellow hat represents what they like from the activity. While the black hat represents what they don’t like about the activity. Talking about the black hat, one of the student commented while wearing the black hat, that she didn’t like transferring water game since she didn’t like to get wet.

Now, let us take a look at the pictures that captured those moments!

Nursery Rainbow & Sky


Nursery Sun & Moon


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