PYP Exhibiton (How we Express Ourselves) Oct 15th – December 14th 2018

PYP Exhibition is one of the assessments, which requires students of the Primary Years Programme (PYP) to show their understanding of the 5 Essential Elements in PYP — Knowledge, Concepts, Transdisciplinary Skills, Attitudes and Action — in ways that they create, construct and do by themselves. In simpler words, the students are becoming a planner, a teacher and also a student of their learning.

Through this PYP Exhibition project, students experience real life situation in which they are challenged to plan and carry out the plans, solve problems, make decisions, work collaboratively in a team, negotiate with other people from different places and many other skills that they might not get from a written-test assessment. They have to face what happens when they are out there in the community and how to response to what happens in our surroundings.

This school year, our PYP Exhibition unit will be under the theme “How we Express Ourselves”. The preparation process has started this month and will keep on going until December 2018. Students will be grouped based on their area of interest ( we will inform you the groups detail further on).

The students show their enthusiasm and have been working hard so far. We also expect a lot of support from the parents as well. Here are some of the things that you can do to support your child from home.

  1. Giving positive supports and encouragements
  2. Being a sharing partner
  3. Up-dating information about the learning process
  4. Being the resources when needed

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