1819 Nursery – United Nation Day

On one Wednesday morning nursery students started to arrive one by one at school. But why did they look different than usual? That was because they weren’t wearing uniforms, they came to school by wearing traditional clothes from foreign countries. Some of them were rich in colour and some of them were so unique that it made most of our students seemed so excited to wear them. On that special day we celebrated the United Nation (UN) Day.

Nursery Sun got the honour to represent Japan. Their classroom was decorated with ornaments commonly found in and traditionaly from Japan. On the other hand Nursery Rainbow got the chance to visit the ‘Japanese’ classroom. It was a different sight for our beloved students, as they marvel at the surroundings. They saw koinobori (carp streamer), yukata and kimono (https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2103.html) worn by teachers and students, they saw sakura, some manga miniatures, and parts of clothing pieces. Once they entered the classroom they were welcomed with a warm “Ohayou Gozaimasu,” (good morning).  They also sing a well known children song, which is Kira Kira Hikaru, the Japanese version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars.

After some presentation given by the teachers, finally the students could get a little taste of Japan. Yes! All of them made tamago maki (egg and rice rolled with nori) on their own. They liked it a lot because they kept asking for more, and the teachers were glad to gave it. After that they tasted mochi (glutonious rice cake) with different fillings. Needless to say all of them enjoyed the food with great satisfaction, but they haven’t forgot to say “Arigato Gozaimasu!” as their sign of gratitude. At the end of the session, every students got one origami craft as a keepsake.

Nursery Rainbow & Sun



            Later on, the late morning students were also celebrating the UN Day. This time Nursery Sky got the honour to represent Deutschland, it is how the German people named their country (for more fun facts about it please visit https://unravellingmag.com/articles/germany-or-deutschland/). Nursery Moon were then given the opportunity to visit the classroom. The hosts welcomed them heartily by saying “Guten Morgen,” (good morning). In front of the classroom students saw two mannequins wearing German’s traditional clothes for boys called lederhosen. Once the students were inside, they soaked in all of the decorations that are commonly found in Germany. There were some porcelains painted with pictures of Gothic buildings, mini doll of traditional German girl, and also some Lebkuchen (traditional German baked cookies, typically frosted).

After the presentation, students participated in the activities. Before that they received a card to collect stickers as a sign of courage whenever they participated. First acitvity was singing German children’s song called Backe, Backe Kuchen. Eventhough the song didn’t sound familiar to them and the text was difficult to say, they showed their best by singing it cheerfully. Last but not least students got to taste some traditional German food. They taste die Wurst (sausage) and unsalted die Brezel (pretzel). They enjoyed eating them very much, and they have even asked for more. Right after that they showed their gratitude by saying “Danke Schön,” (thank you) and then after a nice photo session, all students retrieved back to their classes.


Nursery Sky and Moon




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