Math-Whole Numbers up to 20 (Part 1)

Matches numbers or quantities in different form

In this activity, students demonstrated their ability to relate numbers with quantity it represented.

We group the students into 2-3 students in one group.

We also prepare 8 kinds of objects of different numbers, for example:

o   12 color pencils

o   16 ten-blocks

o   15 chopsticks

o   20 ice cream sticks

o   17 markers

o   11 origami papers

o   18 Binder Clips

o   19 counters

  • Each of the objects is put in 8 stations. Then, we prepare two boxes or paper plates in each station.
  • The Students filled the table below by counting the number of each object. We encourage the students to split objects into group of 10 and the rest.
Name of Objects Number of objects
Station 1 Color Pencils
Station 2 Ten-blocks
Station 3 Chopticks
Station 4 Ice cream sticks
Station 5 Markers
Station 6 Origami Papers
Station 7 Binder clips
Station 8 Counters

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