What’s your profession?

Who doesn’t know about My City area in ECE? I think everybody have known about it.

My City area is a playground that is made specifically just like a city. The facilities consists of dentist, hospital, florist, restaurant, laundry, salon, supermarket, garage and also gas station.

This area helps them learn about life skills. What are basic life skills? here are the list:

  • do laundry
  • prepare a meal
  • order at restaurant
  • taking care of another living being
  • manage money
  • do grocery shopping
  • and many more.

The areas above are some kind of facilities that are made especially for ECE students to help them about basic skills.

In a restaurant they learn to order or prepare a meal, in the florist they take care of the flowers, in the hospital they also learn to take care of the patients, in the supermarket they learn to do grocery shopping.

Simple things like this are sometimes not seen as important, but basic skills are also as important as academic skills.

So here are the pictures of EY1 students enjoying their playing/learning time at My City Area.

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