1819 Grade 4 – Performance Audition (based on Matilda Story Book)

In unit 3, grade 4 students learn about “How We Express Ourselves”. As part of exploring themselves, at the end of this unit lesson the students will perform a drama which is taken from Matilda story book. Here in this drama performance, they learn to describe how drama plays an innovative role in communicating and interpret written dialogue or scenarios. Last week, students had to go through an audition process where each of them had to show proper facial expression, voice loudness and body gesture. The role plays the students will take part are main characters, additional characters, ensembles and prolog reader. Through this audition, teachers could place each of them on the right role play so that they may perform their best. This week is the first week for students practicing based on their own parts. All students really show their interest and excitement during their practice prior to the performance.


Ibu Martha

Grade 4 Homeroom Teacher

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