1819 Nursery – Literacy Expo 2018

The ECE Literacy Expo took place from 15th to 29th of October 2018 in Sekolah Victory Plus, Bekasi. During those weeks ECE students participated in continued story telling activities brought to each level by the homeroom teachers. The book that has been read to Nursery students is “Pinocchio”, adapted and rewritten by Janet Alison Brown. After reading, students made Pinocchio puppets as their project, which they colored and made collage by themselves.

For this special occasion, the students have their favorite story books displayed in the classroom. They brought different type of books that came in various size and shapes: big and small, thick and thin, pop-up and 2D printed, etc. It was an interesting experience and it helped to promote the love of reading among the students. Then they showed their excitement in helping their teacher turning the pages and telling others what the story is about.

We culminated this expo on Friday (10-26-2018) with a story telling session where the students listened to Kak Tes Puppetaria and Bu Ani the school librarian. They had so much fun and laughed very hard when responding to the stories.

Have a look at these pictures.

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