Toddlers’ Hitting and Pushing Time

According to Catherine Holecko, little kids need to spend hours every day enjoying gross motor skills activities. For preschoolers, an active play that uses the large muscles in their legs, arms, and trunk is important for good health and physical development. Learning to harness the power of those muscles to run, jump, throw, catch, and kick is the key to the healthy growth of their bodies and brains. It’s also fun one.



Toddlers have been learning about hitting and pushing objects as one of gross motor skill developments. On Monday, 5th of November 2018 they had fun pushing and hitting games in the gym room . For ‘pushing objects’ the teachers provided a “pretended car” to play for the students. The teachers asked them to push the car with their friend on. When the teacher said “go” then they started to push the car up to the finish line.

While for ‘hitting objects’ the teachers provided some color papers on the wall. So the toddlers had to listen to the instruction from the teachers before they hit a certain color. But after they heard which color they had to hit then they could hit the paper. They really had fun with the activity provided and hopefully after they did those activities their gross motor skills will be developed well.

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