Grade 5 Learning Celebration: Photography

In unit 3, grade 5 students learn about “How We Express Ourselves”. As part of expressing themselves, the students are learning about photography, the genres and how to capture image with different techniques. For summative assessment, they have to capture images that are significant in their life and society. They must interpret the message/s conveyed through the images. Then at the end of this unit the students will display their photography in the photo gallery. All students really show their interest and excitement to celebrate their learning celebration.

There are several questions that they have to answer during learning celebration:

  • Why were you interested in capturing this image?
  • What techniques did you use when taking this photo?
  • What messages did you try to convey through this photo?
  • What challenges did you facing making it?
  • If you have a chance to do your projectagain, what would you want to change?

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