Pajama Day at School

What do you think of when you heard the word pajamas? Most likely you will think of bedtime, not school. Pajamas are for sleeping, but on Monday 19th, November, the nursery students were ready with their pajamas and came to school for their evening class. We started our class with our usual routine and the students were observing the school atmosphere and environment while playing at playground.

For this special occasion, we had BBQ time. We provided them with chicken satay and sausages to complete this activity.  After they were full and done with their snack, we took these little adventures for walking around the school to see and observe what night looks like. Supringly, they were so excited and had fun with the activity especially when they knew that we had another ‘surprise’ moment for them. We took them to enjoy the fireworks show at the roundabout of the school parking lot. Each of the students got the chance to hold the fireworks and they were amazed with it.

The activity did not stop there. We sent them to ‘bedroom’ and tell a story before sleep. Some of them were happy because they were having bedtime together. Meanwhile, some of them were scared of the dark and were apart from their parents.  Anyway, it was an amazing moment with nursery students!

Nursery Sun & Moon

Nursery Rainbow & Sky

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