Grade 1 UOI 4 “Sharing the Planet” Grade 1 2018 – 2019 26 Nov – 14 Dec and 8 – 18 Jan


Trans-theme Sharing the Planet (An inquiry into rights and responsibilities in the struggle to share finite resources with other people and with other living things; communities and the relationships within and between them; access to equal opportunities; peace and conflict resolution.)
Central Idea Understanding the characteristics and habitats of animals allows us to support their existence.
Key Concepts Form, Connection, Responsibility
Related Concepts animals, habitat, conservation
Lines of Inquiry
    • animals classification


    • The connection between the animal’s’ characteristics and their habitats


  • How we can support the existence of animals
Learner Profiles Inquirers, Knowledgeable, Caring
Trans-skills Research skills, Self-management skills


Subjects WALT WILF Exploring the concepts (Form, Connection, Responsibility) or related concepts (animals, habitat, conservation)
    1. animals classification


    1. similarities and differences of the types of animals


    1. the habitats of animals based on its characteristics


    1. the connection of animals’ characteristics and their habitats


    1. why some animals extinct


    1. the reason to protect animals


    1. the effectiveness of people’s action in protecting animals


    1. personal actions to support the existence of animals.


  1. the reasons for chosing personal action
    1. types of animals


    1. characteristics of the types of animals


    1. the place animals live


    1. what habitat is


    1. the extinct animals


    1. animals under protection


  1. the actions people have done to protect


    1. Rainforest


    1. Desert


    1. Ocean


    1. Polar


  1. Paddy field
Form, Connection, Responsibility
animals, habitat, conservation
ICT Drawing animals with details
    • Browsing for image(s) on a search engine and saving the image(s) on the computer


    • Choosing and using tools on a drawing app


  • Using layer to draw from a model



MATHS Addition and Subtraction up to 20
  1.   Adds number/quantities with result more than 10
  2.   Practices addition fact until 9 + 9
  3.   Adds three or more numbers/quantities
  4.   Subtracts numbers or quantities within 20
  5.   Finds the difference between two numbers or quantities.
  6. Solves problems involving addition and subtraction
BAHASA INDONESIA/PKN Mendengar dan Berbicara




Tata Bahasa

Mendengar dan Berbicara:


  • Mengucapkan dan merespon ucapan ‘terima kasih’, ‘bolehkah’, ‘silahkan’, ‘permisi’ dan ‘maaf’ pada situasi yang tepat   


    • Narasi (cerita, sajak, teka-teki, puisi, pengalaman pribadi)                          


    • Eksposisi (prosedur, laporan)


    • Deskripsi  


  • Persuasif (poster)


    • eksposisi (prosedur, laporan sederhana)


  • Konferensi dengan guru

Tata Bahasa yang difokuskan: kata sifat

Perilaku jujur terhadap keluarga, teman, dan guru sebagai perwujudan nilai dan moral Pancasila

ENGLISH Identify ways to live in harmony with animals.
    • I know about endangered animals in the world.


  • I can write a short paragraph about my favorite animal and how I would protect it from becoming extinct.




We learn about animal





    • Able to describe animal in mandarin with correct pronunciation and tone


    • Able to read hanyu pinyin and chinese characters about animal


  • Able to write hanyu pinyin and chinese characters about animal
VA Make animal and their environment using clay Able to identified animals habitat


Able to form clay

Understanding the characteristics and habitats of animals
MUSIC Rhythm is the basic of music
    • Tap the tempo (slow and fast)


    • Beat


  • Style of music
PE Students will learn how to Throwing and catching
    • Students will learn how to throwing with left  and right hands


    • Students will learn how to  catching with one and both of their hands


  • Students will learn how to throwing to with target.
Key concept : Connection, Responsibility


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