Grade 4 Learning Celebration: Matilda the Musical

Thursday, November 29th 2018 was a very memorable day for all grade 4 students and teachers. On this day, grade 4 conducted learning celebration by presenting musical drama titled Matilda. This felt like a difficult project to do. First, we had only very short time prepare and practice. Second, the musical drama requires lots of talents who can sing and dance. And the last, the plot of the drama is very long. We thought that we wouldn’t make it !!

Thank God we didn’t listen to our fear and doubt. Yes, it was very difficult but through our determination, commitment and pereseverance  we could make it. This project itself was under  Unit of Inquiry HOW WE EXPRESS OURSELVES with Central Idea : Plays can be created to convey messages to target specific audiences.

Prior to the performance, the students had been through long but meaningful learning process. Begin with unpacking the central idea and lines of inquiry, the students learnt about  the definition of plays/ drama, elements of dramas and things they need to prepare beforming producing a certain drama.

The next process the students did was reading the novel. It is very important that the students read the novel first. This helps them  understand the plot of the story, to know and understand the characters better and identify the elements of the drama they needed to pay their attention to and figure out the way to present it on stage.

The students read the novel

After the students understood the plot of the story, then it is time for the audition for each cast. This is aimed to seek for the right talents playing the rights roles or characters. When all the characters were set, we started the parctice. Students were very enthusiastic to practice singing the songs and memorize the lyrics. 

Beside practicing for the drama, the students also needed
to prapare costume for their roles. We are very grateful that all of our parents were very cooperative. They showed their support by preparing the costumes according to their characters. And on the performing day, all students looked great and perfect.   


Overal , the show was a great success. All the audiences felt satisfied. They were amazed by the great talents from grade 4 students. We knew this from the reflection form filled bt the parents. All of them give positive feedback to the show. 

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