School Tour

“Hmm…I wonder what  I can see during daytime.”

“What do people do?”

“What do they wear?”

“What do they use?”

For this unit, Nursery students learning about how people respond to different situation and condition of surroundings. In the last couple of weeks they had an evening class where they were introduced to what people usually do during nighttime. This week they had a school tour to know what people at school usually do during daytime.

We went to some places at school such as cafeteria, swimming pool, admission office, IT office, and EY classes. They looked excited to come to some places they probably haven’t visited before. At the cafeteria, we saw Secondary students who were having their meal and doing their task. Meanwhile, at the IT office, one of the students told her teachers that computer was also used by her father at work. Then another student mentioned that IT officers wore similar working outfit to his teachers.

To end the school tour, we went to the big playground and looked up to the sky. It was bright and hot day. Some students explained that there was the sun in the blue sky and the cloud was white; thus one of them concluded that it was daytime.

Nursery Rainbow and Sky

Nursery Sun and Moon

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