Let’s Classify the Objects Based On the Phonic

What is Classifying and Sorting?

According to Reys (2012), classification is a fundamental pre-number learning concept that children learn about the world around them. Classifying and sorting can be done with or without using numbers, such as separating children or objects into distinct groups, such as the colour of their t-shirts, or their hair colour. Children need to learn how to sort and classify before they are able to move on to work that involves numbers, because they need to know what they are counting, before they are able to actually count them (Reys, et al., 2012). 


On Friday, 7 December 2018 the toddlers reviewed all the phonics have been learning from /a/ to /m/.  On that day they learned to sort out the objects based on the phonics. Firstly, the teachers divided them into 3 groups consist of 3 – 4 students. Each group got around 4 or 5 trays contained of phonic cards and pictures of objects that begin with the same phonics. For example; /a/ is for apple, ant and aeroplane

After the teachers showed them how to sort out the objects. Then the students were called one by one to take one object and find the same picture as the object. They looked confuse at first but after some time playing they finally did it. Way to go Toddlers..

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