Let’s Get Wet Toddlers

Water activities for kids are always fun to do because water is a magnetic attraction to most kids and hard to beat for an activity to do even for Toddlers!. As well as the Toddlers had on Wednesday, 5 December 2018. The students really had fun having their first time water play activities in Toddler year level. The teachers provides various kinds of tools for them to play during the water play activities such as clothespins, scarfs, clothesline, balls, baskets. 

They began the water play with warming up session in the classroom. Then they went to water fountain area and wet their body. After they got used to the temperature of the water then they went in to the pool. The teachers asked them to sort out the balls based on the colors and put them in the basket. After while they went back again to water fountain area and hung the wet scarf on the clothesline. Most of them really enjoyed and showed their enthusiasm during the water play. Can’t wait for having another water play session with more engaging and joyful activities. 

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