EY1UOI – How We Express Ourselves

EY 1 classes has come to the second semester of this school year. The unit that we’re going to explore is How We Express Ourselves with the central idea: “Arts can be expressed through celebrations”, and the lines of inquiry as follows:

  • Different arts in celebrations
  • Why we celebrate
  • Celebrations in my family

The key concepts that the students will develop throughout this unit are form, connection and reflection.  Furthermore, the related concepts are Arts, celebrations and identity. In this unit, basically students willexplore arts in different celebrations that different families celebrate andwhy we celebrate by having different mini celebrations in the classroom suchas, birthday party, independence day celebration, new year celebration andChinese new year celebration.

Not only that, students will create artworks of different celebrations as the decorations in order to extend their creativity. By having exposure to those different celebrations, students will analyze different elements of  celebrations such as, decoration, outfit, food and typical activities included. At the end of this unit, students will analyze similarities and differences within different celebrations and understand that celebrations are a part of our identity and that can bring people together.

 Besides academic skills, EY 1students will develop certain learner profiles which are, inquirers, thinkers and knowledgeable. Students will learn toapply their thinking skills to discover new things and to know more about things by observation and asking questions particularly about arts of different celebrations and beliefs in different families. Moreover, students will learn to share their knowledge to others so that they can learn from each other and develop their understanding by exploring different celebrations that different families celebrate.  


 To support the concept of form in this unit, the students will learn to describe position and direction, for example, inside, above, below, outside, next to, behind and in front of.  

 Moreover, students will learn to identify the time (to the nearest hour) of daily routines and sequence events in their daily routine, for example before, after, today, yesterday, tomorrow, bedtime, breakfast, etc. All the learning activities will be fun and meaningful to support them to reach their learning targets.


The students will start to read sight words and read phrases with short vowel sound in three letter words as the next stage of their reading skills. Not only reading, students will also learn to write short phrases. To make all activities more engaging for the students, teachers will provide different writing tools and media for them to practice their writing skills.

They will keep participating in shared reading, joining in with rhymes, refrains and repeated text to gain familiarity as we believe that it is the best strategies to develop their reading and writing skills.

Bahasa Indonesia

The students will learn to introduce themselves(full name, age, sex and parents’ names). To build their confidence in speaking, they will share a story about their favorite belongings.

To develop their reading and writing skills, they will start read simple words and phrases and using different writing tools and media to practice writing simple phrases


To integrate the central idea with Music lesson, students will learn to sing simple songs in celebrations. Moreover, they will also learn to recognize thatsounds can be notated in a variety of ways.

Visual Arts

 One of related concepts in this unit is celebrations. Therefore, EY 1 students will create artworks using variety of tools, materials and processes as celebrations are media where arts are expressed in variety of ways. They will create paper weaving, paper dying and doodling in which such activities will spark their creativity.

Physical Education

 The students will learn participate in various kinds of physical activities such as rhythmic gymnastic to explore different ways of moving on the floor and/or on apparatus. They will also explore various kinds of simple running events e.g. running relay concept. By participating, they will be aware of the importance of physical activities to live a healthy lifestyle.

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