It’s Picnic Time!

With a perfect combination of greenery, cool breeze, music, and food, our picnic at the school playground was full of fun even though the sun was shining upon us brightly.  This picnic activity didn’t only freshen up the mind, but also helped Nursery Students to observe what a sunny day looks, feels, and sounds like. They learnt to identify situation and condition of surroundings, recognize people’s responses towards themselves, and identify people’s responses towards the environment. Moreover, they need to be able to mention most people’s activities during sunny day, mention what most people’s wear and use during sunny day, and mention the changes of environment between sunny, rainy and cloudy day. 

It was a long-waited learning engagement because finally they could wear their sunglasses, fancy hat or cap, and comfortable picnic outfit. They enjoyed singing their favorite songs, drinking cold juice, and sharing snacks. This outdoor experience was worth to remember. We hope that Nursery Students can also have similar outdoor activity with their families. Until next time!

Nursery Rainbow and Sky

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