1819 Grade 3 Learning Celebration

Grade 3 students had their learning celebration on December 6, 2018. They held a market day at school for their learning celebration. This activity supported the central idea “Economic activity relies on a system of production, exchange, and consumption”. This is the culmination of their learning after doing a survey, an excursion to G.S. Supermarket and Cimory, watching videos, reading articles, discussion, and promoting their products. By doing these activities grade 3 students also developed their communication and thinking skills. They spent around two week preparing for the learning celebration. They practiced a new song for the opening performance. They also completed a business plan to have clear preparation for their own goods or services selling.

After all the parents gathered in the cafeteria, the learning celebration started. As the opening Sharon led the prayer, followed by the presentation of the central idea, lines of inquiry, and the key concepts.

The opening closed with a performance by all grade 3 students. They were singing the song from the Tinkerbell movie-“Fly to Your Heart”; which they learned in their performance art lesson. All parents enjoyed the performance.

During the market day, all students were busy selling their products. They were so excited and enjoyed all of the activities. Most of the goods were sold out. There were also some services that the customers could enjoy during the market day, such as massage and nail polish.

During reflection time, all of the students shared that they learned many things from the market day. They were so excited to have the experience of selling goods and services. Last but not least, we would like to thank all parents for all their support. Well done grade 3!

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