EY 1 Tuning In – How We Express Ourselves

On Friday, January 14 2018, EY 1 students started the new unit, How We Express Ourselves, with the central idea: “Arts can be expressed through celebrations.”

In this unit, basically students will explore arts in different celebrations that different families celebrate and why we celebrate by having different mini celebrations in the classroom such as, birthday party, independence day celebration and Chinese new year celebration.

We had tuning-in activity as the beginning of the UOI before we get to explore more about the unit.

Therefore, last Friday EY 1 students had a mini party at Baby Gym to celebrate Ms. Suci’s birthday. All teachers got involed in the drama as it was really Ms. Suci’s birthday (the fact is it wasn’t her birthday). They decorated Baby Gym with colorful balloons and papers. We even prepared the birthday cake for all students to enjoy.

After that, the students were back in the classroom to have reflection about what they have done before. The teacher asked some questions to the students to stimulate their thinking skills.

At the end, the students enjoyed the cake and some juice. They were so excited having a mini celebration together with other classes.

We will do more interesting activities in this unit. Well done, kids!

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