It’s raining…

In this unit, How We Organize Ourselves, Nursery students learned about the name of seasons, the weather that is typical and other distinguishing characteristics of each season. And they also learnt about what do people wear during wet season and what tool/equipment do people use during wet season.

Knowing about wet season, we let the students play in the rain. It could be a great bonding experience and opportunity to explore nature and to teach students about the environment.

In addition, playing outdoors encourages children to be adventurous, independent and more able to asses risks. It allows children to explore new senses.  There are new smells in the air, the ground feels different beneath their feet. There were puddles to splash in and mud to squelch in. This much stimulation makes the experience feel magical.

Nursery Sun and Moon

Nursery Rainbow and Sky

Another fun activity after playing in the rain was…

Drinking hot chocolate..

mmmm…. yummyy…

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