Grade 1: Week of 14-18 January 2019

Unit of Inquiry

  • Mention types of animals
  • Explain the characteristics of animals’ type
  • Compare and contrast between types of animals


  • Listening:Do an activity based on the story they listen to at the station.
  • Reading:Focus on reading fluently and with understanding by asking questions based on the story that they read.
  • Writing:Learners learn to write a paragraph.


  • Discuss daily events that relates with chance
  • Use probability terminologies to describe chance in daily events

Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan

  • Menunjukkan perilaku jujur sebagai perwujudan nilai moral pancasila.

Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia

  • Mengenal kata sifat
  • Menulis kalimat dengan menggunakan kata sifat

Physical Education

  • Throwing small ball with one hand.
  • Throwing small ball into a target.


  • Sing
  • School Production’s song
  • Rhythm


  • Learn about pets
  • Sing a song about animals

Visual Art

  • Create diorama of animals’ habitat

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