Gr 5 Students Organize a fund Fundraising program

Organising a Fun Fundraising

To end the unit of Sharing the Planet, the students are required to do their Summative Assessment. The situation of their Summative Assessment is the students are a volunteer that are going to share their ‘expertise’ and resources to support the communities and individuals to have more opportunities and access to their chosen topic. The topics are basic needs, education and health.  Based on that project, gr. 5 students organised a fundraising activity to raise money for their social project. They sold some food, drinks and stationaries to the school community members from 14th – 17th   January 2019. They looked happy and said that the fundraising was fun because they could sell some products and invite Primary School students  and teachers to participate in donating their pocket money. The donation and the money they collected will be used for buying some healthy snacks, stationaries and personal hygiene equipments for students in TK Islam Tunas Intelektika in Bekasi. What a fun and interesting learning experience!

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