Animals and Plants

Hi every one, welcome back to school after our first semester break.

On Wednesday, 8th January 2019 the toddlers had a tuning in activities to our unit of inquiry “How the world works”. The central idea for this unit is animals and plants play different roles in our lives.

What is tuning in activities?
Tuning in activities are about how students share their thoughts and feelings. The role of the teacher is to provide various ways in which to do this, recognizing different learning styles. Some activities are more verbal or visual, while still others may appeal to kinesthetic learners.

On that day the toddlers were walking around the school to see the animals and plants that we have in our school. There were rabbits, fish, turtle, birds, leaves and trees. Most of them were familiar with the animals as they were able to mention the name of the animals. Well done toddlers.

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