Phonics activities can be educational and fun at the same time. We let our students to be excited in learning with fun phonics challenges that taught and inspired them at that moment. We taught our students about phonics sound ‘L’ and ‘M’. They learnt to write the letters, produce the sounds and mention some words that are started with ‘L’ and ‘M’.

Nursery Sun tried the l…l..lemon tea…

So did Nursery Rainbow and Sky Students

On the other hand, Nursery Rainbow and Sky enjoyed their time by cutting mango, an all-time favorite fruit whose name started with ‘M’, into small slices then grabbed a bite.

Besides learning phonics by watching video and writing the letters, the students mentioned some real objects whose names are started with those particular phonics. They touched, smelled, manipulated, even sometimes tasted the objects.

Another fun activities in Nursery Sun and Moon classes were Monster crafting. They were so fascinated and made it happily.

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