PYP UPDATES- HOW WE EXPRESS OURSELVES (Sequence: 19 November 2018 – 1 February 2019)

Central Idea : People use different media to express feelings and ideas

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Media as an expression of creativity
  • Our interpretation of media as an artistic expression
  • Manipulation of media

Concepts: Perspective, Connection, Change

Related Concepts: creativity, feelings, expression

In this unit, the students are going to explore on how media are used to express feelings and ideas. The students will have fun exploration about elements of arts. As part of the learning engagement, we will watch some videos about art performances, tell story through songs, pictures, dances and dramas. They will create their own artwork using different media based on their observation and learning experiences. Moreover, the students will be exposed to learn how to be risk takers and communicators.


In this unit, students will learn the following topics:

  • Discuss daily events that relates with chance
  • Use the probability term such as impossible, maybe/ probably/ possible/ could be, certain/ for sure (communicator)
  • Use simple fraction names in real life events (half, and a quarter)
  • Tell the calendar (names of months, day, date, and year)
  • Use the terms to describe position (preposition)

Key concept: form,change

In Music, as part of expressing feeling and ideas EY2 students will:

  • Explore body and untuned percussion instrument sounds
  • Explore sound as a mean of expressing imaginative ideas. (expression)
  • Create their own basic musical instruments. (creativity)

Key concept: form, change

In Visual Arts, students will learn to:

  • Create artwork in response to a range of stimuli. (risk taker)
  • Realize that their artwork has meaning using their imagination and experiences to inform their art making.
  • Analyze the relationships within an artwork and construct meanings. (communicator).

Key concept: form, function


During this unit, students will explore:

  • Different ways of moving on the floor and on equipment.
  • Different ways of moving with small equipment.
  • and to communicate effectively (during games) using basic verbal and non-verbal.(Communicator)

Key concept: form, function


In line with the central idea, EY 2 students are learning to:

  • Express themselves by telling their own stories using words, gestures, and objects/artifacts. (communicator)
  • Use single words and two word phrases in context.
  • Use own grammar style as part of the process of developing grammatical awareness.
  • Use their experience as a stimulus when drawing or writing.

Key concept: Function


EY 2 students are also going to explore things in Bahasa Indonesia in this UOI. They are going to learn to:

  • Sing and recite simple rhyme in Bahasa Indonesia
  • Ask and answer questions in order to seek help and get information. (communicator)
  • Read simple words.

Key concept: function


In ICT lesson, the students are going to records a report using i-movie.Key concept: function

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