Toddler Coming Up – How the World Works

Central idea: Animals and plants play different roles in our lives

Key concepts: Form, Function,  Responsibility

Related concepts: Animals, Plants, Role

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Animals and plants
  • The role of animals and plants
  • Responsible behavior towards plants and animals around us

In this unit the students will learn various kinds of animals and plants and their characteristics such as the colors, parts of the animals’ body and how the animals move. Furthermore, they will find out the role of animals and plants as they have a lot of contributions to our life. They will also discuss and experience on how to take a good care of plants and animals such as watering the plants and feeding the animals.

Gross Motor Skills Development

During this unit, students will explore more skills in order to improve their gross motor skills. They are:

  • Catch a ball
  • Run with control
  • Kick a ball
  • Climb stairs
  • Jump with both feet
  • Stand on tiptoes
  • Throw a ball
  • Balance on one foot
  • Participate in creatives movements

Fine Motor Skills

For fine motor skills, these are the learning experiences that they are going to have:

  • Hold large writing tools with three fingers to scribble
  • Imitate circles, lines and dots
  • Transfer objects using tongs
  • Pour water using jug
  • Thread large beards
  • Open doors by turning door knobs
  • Unzip own bags
  • Use a turkey baster

Cognitive and Language Development

To support their cognitive and language development, toddler students are going to learn how to:

  • Use 3-4 words to express thoughts
  • Say a few nursery rhymes
  • Sing phonics songs (n-z)
  • Ask questions
  • Identify long and short
  • Identify big and small
  • Sort objects
  • Differentiate sounds (loud and soft)
  • Rote counts 1-10
  • Identify color (black, white, green and orange)
  • Discover causes and effects

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