Toddler..toddler what do you see?

For this 2nd semester toddlers trans theme is “How the world works”. With the central idea “Animals and plants play different roles in our live”.

On Wednesday, 16th January 2019, toddler students were doing their first lines of inquiry which is animals and plants. On that day they went out side to learn to identify the characteristic some animals that are kept at school. They were rabbits, fish, birds and turtles. The teachers asked them some questions which were related to the characteristics of the animals such as:

  • what animal do you see?
  • what color is the animal?
  • how does the birds move, can they walk?
  • who has bird or fish or turtle at home?

After they identified the animals then they colored the pictures of a rabbit, a fish, a bird and a turtle. Next, the teachers asked them to read aloud the sentence together with the teachers.

Toddler.. toddler what do you see?

I see a black rabbit looking at me..

I see an orange fish looking at me..

I see a blue bird looking at me..

I see a green turtle looking at me..

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