Excursion to PT. JX Nippon Oil

In line with our unit of inquiry “Sharing the Planet”, grade 4 students had an excursion to PT. JX Nippon Oil Cikarang on January 15th, 2019. In this excursion, students had learned about finite natural resources (crude oil) and how natural resources are processed into different products. 73 students took part in this activity and they were divided into two big groups based on their classes.

The activity was started by listening to the welcoming speech from Human Resources Manager of the company, Bapak Galuh. Bapak Galuh told students to learn and use this experience to get a lot of knowledge and information about oil products. He also told students to be wise in using natural resources especially finite natural resources. After that, students listened to explanation about Plant Safety Procedures during the tour in the factory. They also got information about oil, oil products and company products which is lubricant oil for machines, cars and motorcycle. Students saw real products (different kinds of lubricant) created by JX. Nippon Oil company.

Students then headed to production areas by wearing mask and cap in order to follow the safety procedures of the company. They had tour around the production place and met different people with different roles. Students were able to see and learn the real process to make lubricants started from the oil mixing, packaging and storage process. Students had chance to see and listened information about different robots and machine used to make different types of oil lubricants. After that, students went to controlling room where the workers control oil mixer tubes and robots through the computer monitors. The tour was ended by seeing the delivery process of products using different trucks which are go to different areas in Indonesia. The final session of excursion was completed by taking photo together and everyone prepared to go back to school.

Grade 4 students kept on showing their enthusiasm and curiosity during this activity. They were excited to listen to the explanation and asked a lot of questions related to the lubricants creation process.  By doing this activity we hope that students will be fully engaged and understand the unit thoroughly.

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