Baby Gym Outdoor Activities

  On December 2018, our Baby Gym had an outdoor class in the playground and foyer. An outdoor class is one of activities to build the students up for a day of fun outside. On this occasion, there were plenty of activities. During the first activity, the baby gym students did circle time and they sang the ‘Good Morning’, ‘Kepala Pundak Lutut Kaki ‘, ‘Kalau Kau Suka Hati’, ‘Roll Your Hands’ and ‘Banana’ songs.  Afterwards, the principle of ECE, Ibu Maria delivered a speech and shared information with the parents. In closing, students played Parachute where they had to move tent fabric up and down and pop corn with balloons. The kids enjoyed it so much.

  Following the speech, the students completed several obstacle tasks using the junior gym obstacles. They crept in the big cone, crawled in the tunnel, walked up on the foam stairs, octagon, dome, yellow step, and walked down the wedge. In the last activity, they did a roly poly on the mat. In the little gym obstacles, they did a roly poly on the mat, crawled in the tunnel, and crawled up the steps and crawled down the small wedge. They also had art and craft activities which included footprints and wood lacing. Most of them enjoyed the event a lot. It was so much fun!

Bubble time

foot print

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