PYP Updates February 4 – March 8, 2019

Transdisciplinary theme

Who We Are

Central Idea

Changes people experience at different stages of their lives affect their evolving sense of self .

Lines of Inquiry

  • Changes that occur throughout life
  • Factors that contribute to wellbeing during adolescence
  • The contribution of relationships to our self-concept

Key Concepts: Change, Connection, Responsibility

Related Concepts:   Development, maturity, reproduction, image

Summative assessment:

  • What (knowledge): To know physical, emotional and social changes
  • Why (conceptual understanding): In order to understand the impacts of physical changes to the emotional and social aspects and strategies to cope with physical, emotional and social changes.

How (situation): You are an author of a puberty book. You are going to explain what’s happening and how to cope with it. 


  • Define physical, emotional and social changes of puberty
  • Explain the impacts of those changes to themselves and others
  • Explain the strategies to cope with the “new me”

Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia

Mendengar dan Berbicara:

WALT : Berdiskusi menyimpulkan isi berita yang didengar dari televisi atau radio


Memahami pengertian kesimpulan ; mampu berbagi pendapat ,berbagi alasan dan bukti yang mendukung pendapatnya tersebut dalam forum diskusi dengan cara- cara yang baik dan benar ; mampu  membuat kesimpulan tentang isi berita yang didengar dari radio atau televisi


WALT : Membaca variasi buku


Mengklasifikasikan jenis bacaan , membaca sebuah buku ( fiksi dan non fiksi ) dan membuat kesimpulan / sinopsis  

( Berlaku selama satu semester ; 2 minggu untuk 1 buku ; dibuat tertulis )

Menulis /Tata Bahasa:


Menulis Biografi 1


Memahami dan mampu menjelaskan teknik pengumpulan data ( Unit 1 ) , memahami definisi biografi ; memahami jenis karangan yang digunakan untuk penulisan biografi ; menulis biografi  tentang seorang tokoh yang berpengaruh dalam perkembangan media

Presentasi :

Mempraktekkan presentasi dengan topik tertentu


WALT: create a self-imagery ebook (Book Creator, camera/iMovie, Canva)


  • self-created and edited video
  • photos
  • self-created images
  • annotated images
  • text




  1. Defines percentage as special form of fraction
  2. Converts fractions or decimals to percentage and vice versa
  3. Solves part of a whole problems involving percentage
  4. Uses percentage concept to solve daily life problems


  1. Uses ratios to compare two or three quantities
  2. Finds equivalent ratios
  3. Solves problems involving ratio


Volume of 3D Solids

  1. Finds the volume of cuboids and cubes
  2. Finds unknown edges of cubes or cuboids given its volume
  3. Finds the volume of triangular prism
  4. Relates cm3 to milliliter (ml) and dm3 to liter (l)
  5. Solve problems involving volume of 3D solids

Measurement of length, mass and volume

  1. Converts units involving fractional or decimals within a measuring system
  2. Selects appropriate units of measurement and tools to solve problem in real life situation
  3. Uses decimal and fractional notation in measurement

Relates between measurement units for area and volume


To support our Unit of Inquiry: Who We Are, we will be exploring poetry and using it as a means to express who we are.


Explore poetry


– identify different types of poetry

– recognise certain poetry structures

– explain and justify personal preferences

– recite poetry using rhythm and intonation

– create own poetry based on life stages and changes

– work with a partner to discuss and improve work


To support the concept of Reflection  students are going to learn about activity on the weekend. They  will learn pronounce the vocabulary, respond questions, recognize words , writting hanzi and pin yin , and describe their own activity on the weekend.

Visual Art

Walt :

3D Snake Hook

Wilf :

  • able to complete tools and material
  • cover the snake hook using kitchen paper neatly
  • paint using acrylic paint
  • use motoric skills to create the hook properly (S Pattern)
  • create the artwork tidy and colorful

Performing Art

To support connection concept, in this unit students will continue their lesson about how to compose a new song. They will compose in  8 bars now, then play with their instrument.

Physical Education

WALT: Factors that contribute to well-being during adolescence (Athletics).


  • Practise specific techniques for jumping, throwing and running events
  • Learn and apply the rules of various events
  • Learn how to collect and record results
  • Understand and apply the safety rules in these events

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