Toddler..toddler what do you see?

Supporting children in their growing awareness and interest in animals can lead to deeper feelings of empathy in young children, more positive classroom relationships, and social-emotional development.  As children have experiences with animals, they learn about differences and similarities, needs (such as for food, shelter, water and space), and compassion and empathy can grow and deepen.

On Friday, 25th January 2019, toddler students learned about a new kind of animal which was chick. It was started with the explanation from the teachers about observing the new animal. Then the teacher asked the students to be quiet and listen to the sound which they heard in the class. After a while, then finally they can find the source of the sound. The sound was coming from the box and the students were excitedly asked the teachers to open it. When they saw the chicks for the first time almost all the students guessed that those were birds. But, after some explanations finally they knew that those were chicks.They were excitedly looking at those chicks and observed them enthusiastically. The teachers were asking some questions related to the animal. The students were asked:

  • What animal are these?
  • What color are the chicks?
  • How many chicks do you see there?
  • how many eyes do they have?
  • how many legs do they have
  • How to take good care of them?

After they identified the animals then they colored the picture of the chick. After that, the teachers asked them to read aloud the sentence together with the teachers.

Toddler..toddler what do you see? I see a yellow chick looking at me.

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