Tuning In How We Organize Ourselves (January – February)

Grade 1 students are entering the new unit of How We Organize Ourselves. To introduce “Ways and systems in which we communicate have varying degrees of effectiveness”, students play the tuning in activity by guessing game. The students are divided into three groups and they use different ways of communication for each group. One of the student from each group represent the group to explain the words from the teacher with their way of communication.

Group 1, the represent student from the group explains the word with movement (body language) and the other members need to guess what words close to his/her movement.

Group 2, one student from the group delivers the word from the teacher through a drawing picture. In this case, the pointed students need to draw clearly to make the other members of the group understand what message s/he wants to tell.

Group 3, the chosen student from the group deliver the message with spoken clue. The student might not tell the words explicitly. S/he needs to give clue with the other words to make her group understand.

From this activity, then we discuss, in which way is easier for the students understand the message with the reasons. They can also get their reflection that, when the represent student from each group give clear movement, clear picture and clear clues, it will help the other members to get the message.

The student delivers the message through body movement.
The girl delivers the message through body language
The student sends the message with spoken words.

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