Nursery Learning Celebration – How We Organize Ourselves

Rocking the runway, striking a pose and smiling to the audience, all at once, that was what made the parents of Nursery students get excited and smile ear-to-ear when looking at how well their child participated in a fashion show where he/she showed what he/she was wearing in relation to one of the three seasons he/she had studied at school; the dry season, the wet season and the winter.

Such a festive experience to end our third unit with central idea ‘People respond to different situation and condition of their surroundings.’ In the last three months, these little inquirers learned the situation and condition of surroundings and people’s responses towards themselves and the environment. They learned to recognize the weathers and seasons with the essential questions such as:

  • what do they see in a particular season?
  • how does it feel like? Why is it as what it is?
  • what can people do during that season?
  • what do people wear and use in response to that particular season?
    Why do you think so?

After the fashion show, the students had a gallery walk where an assigned parent of their friend asked them the essential questions above.

Overall, we are over-proud of how far the students have achieved. Kudos, kids!

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