Grade 5 Weekly Update 11 – 15 February 2019

Unit of Inquiry

  • Tuning in Unit 5: “Who We Are”


  • Examining formats of poetry.
  • Starting to create our own poems using formats.


  • Define percentage as special form of fraction
  • Convert fractions or decimals to percentage and vice versa
  • Solve part of a whole problems involving percentage

Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia

  • Memahami bacaan fiksi dan non fiksi
  • Siswa membaca buku (fiksi atau non fiksi) dan membuat sinopsis bacaan

Physical Education

  • Component of fitness
  • Cardiovascular test


  •  Guitar (One octave singular notes)
  •  Compose a new song in 4 bars


  • continue the paragraph of writing han zi and pin yin about “my weekend” (我的周末 )

Visual Art

  • create the snake hook artwork (continuing the Snake Hook project)

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