Toddlers Can Write Letter ‘O’

Toddlers have been learning about imitating circle as one of the descriptors to develop the Toddlers’ fine motor skills. As the integration to language lesson on Friday, 1st February 2019 the toddlers learned about letter O with the sound of O is /o/. On that day,  the teachers showed them things that begin with /o/ sound which were orange and octopus. The teacher also explained that the letter ‘o’ was shaped like a circle. So as the activity the teacher asked them to write letter ‘o’ or make a circle. Finally they decorated the letter with glitter.

The steps on making the letter ‘o’ art works were:

  • Write the letter ‘o’ using crayon on the paper.
  • Spread the glue on the letter ‘o’.
  • Spread the glitter on the glued paper.

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