1819 Grade 4 – Tuning in “Where We Are in Place and Time”

On Monday, January 11, 2019, all Grade 4 students and teachers did Tuning In activity for our new Unit of Inquiry: “Where We Are in Place and Time”. In this unit, students are going to learn about exploration–the reasons of exploration, how explorations have taken place over time, and the consequences of exploration on people and societies. Therefore, as the Tuning In activity, students were working as a group of explorers who explored and observed a new area.

We chose “Kampung Rawa Roko” for our destination and “Peta Pita” for the visual thinking tool. The area itself is behind our school and we walked around for about 450 m and it spent 45 minutes in the morning. While exploring, students needed to record the starting time, direction, distance, and what they saw on their left and right side in “Peta Pita”.

It was so interesting as they were new to “Peta Pita”. They needed to set the time using their watch, the direction using their compass, and the distance using their own steps. Moreover, they also needed to draw some symbols showing what they saw during the exploration.

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