1819 EY1 – PYP Updates

How The World Works

Unit of Inquiry

Our transdisciplinary-theme for this unit is How the World Works. The Central Idea is ‘The interpretation of objects may be changed by light’ and the Lines of Inquiry are:

·         Sources of light 

·         Reflection of light on different states of surfaces

·         How light is used in life

The key concepts the students develop throughout this unit are form, function, and connection. Furthermore, the related concepts are light, shadow, and interpretation.

Not only academic skills, EY 1 students will also develop certain learner profiles and attitudes, which are inquirer, thinker, knowledgeable, commitment, curiosity, and independence.

First, we will investigate a lot of things in order for them to be knowledgeable of various sources of light and how light used in life. Moreover, to be an inquirer and a thinker, we stimulate students’ curiosity by showing them how light reflects on different states of surfaces, which they have to ask questions and think of the answers.


Listening and Speaking

In relation to form concept, throughout our last unit this academic year EY1 students will learn to read and write simple phrases. Furthermore, to develop their literacy skills, they will express opinions about the meaning of a story and make connections to their own experiences when listening to or ‘reading’ texts. Moreover, they will experiment with writing using different writing implements and media.


To support the concept of connection in this unit, the students are going to learn describring position and direction, for example: in, on, under, behind, in front of. They will also learn to solve addition and subtraction problems.

Bahasa Indonesia

To support the concept of form in this unit we are going to review writing and reading. They will practice to read and write simple phrases.

Visual Arts

Since EY1 students are learning the concept of form, light, and shadow, they will learn to create various forms of shadow puppet play as well as making suncatcher.


EY1 students will have fun activities in music lesson in this unit. Related to the form concept, they will learn that music can be notated in various ways. This time, they will use numbers and common musical notes while singing do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do.


In this unit EY1 students will explore different ways of moving on the floor and on apparatus. They also learn how to handle small equipments using various body parts. Then, for supporting the concept of function, EY1 students will learn how to be aware of the importance of physical activities.

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