1819 Grade 4 “Meet the Explorer!”

Paman Safir Islami was sharing his adventurous experience to Grade 4 students.

Another tuning in activity for our new Unit of Inquiry: “Where We Are in Place and Time”, we invited a local explorer from Bekasi, Safir Islami. Paman Safir shared his experience in exploring Java and Sumatera coast, ended at Kilometer Zero, Sabang-Aceh. The most interesting is he went on foot with his dog pet “Batu” for one year.

In this session, students truly understood that an explorer has his personal reasons to explore some places and definately faced some challenges or consequences for his exploration. As example, Paman Safir decided to explore that far on foot because he thought that every step he made creates a story to be written in his book. He wants to publish a book about his exploration. The consequences were that he got sick during the trip, got lost into the wood, and suspected as an insane by local people.

Students were so excited to ask questions about Paman Safir’s exploration. They saw and heard some incridible facts and knowledge that might be useful for their future.

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