Grade 1 Weekly update (18 – 22 February 2019)

Unit of Inquiry

  • Define what communication system is
  • Compare communication systems people use nowadays and in the past
  • Identify people’s needs in communication


  • Listening: Listen to stories and complete activity.
  • Reading: Read at an appropriate level with understanding.
  • Writing: Procedures to write a letter.


  • Using Block Rods to show the tens
  • Combining the tens and the rest
  • Writing numbers in place value diagram

Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia

  • Menggunakan kata keterangan waktu
  • Membuat kalimat berita

Information and Communication Technology

  • Send an email to teachers

Physical Education

  • Basketball (ball handling) – continue


  • School Production’s song (Yo Ho)
  • Rhythm (quarter and half beat)


  • Reading Chinese characters about communication tools

Visual Art

  • Finishing and combining two facial expressions in one frame

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