EY 1 Weekly Updates ( February 25 – 1 March 2019)

Unit of Inquiry – How The World Works

  • Identify how light is used in life.
  • School tour to find out about the sources of light at school
  • Drawing the daily use of light


  • discriminate between visual representations such as symbols, numbers, letters and words
  • Cut and paste activity
  • Cross out activity


  • presents information using pictograph, bar graph and living graph
  • interview friends to find out their favorite food

Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia

  • Mengenal frasa (nasi, buku, baju, meja, sepeda, roti)
  • Menggambar frasa dan menyalin frasa
  • Membaca frasa dan mencocokan dengan gambar

Physical Education

  • Maintaining body control
  • Participating in “Shadow Tag”

Visual Arts

  • Creating paper weaving

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