Let’s see the sky

The first month of 2019, the Baby Gym had a new theme, which was to introduce the sky objects , such as the sun, clouds, stars and the moon. The first was the sun. At the time of making the sun, they crumpled materials and glued them onto a sun-shaped paper. The second was clouds. For the clouds, they colored the cloud-shaped paper with any color crayon. Third was stars. Here, they did a collage onto the paper with star-shapes. The last was the moon. Here, they put dacron inside a moon-shaped flannel.

The aim of the activities was to introduce the names of sky objects and when they appear. They were also introduced to objects they may seldom touch like dacron, flannel and glue since some of them still didn’t have enough courage to hold the objects mentioned above.

During this month we sang three main songs, they were Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Pelangi and Mr.Sun. They sang happily. For the obstacles, the babies and adults worked together as a team. The babies held their bodies by gripping their arms hard on the monkey bar and the adults held their back and their bottom gently, they swung so well. After that the babies walked up and down, jumped on the blue step, the trampoline and the wedge. They also did roly polys on the mattress. Awesome, babies!

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