Look What Animals I Found at School

Nursery students learnt to explore different kind of pets by having a school tour. Through this activity, they developed their thinking skills as they identified what pet is, mentioned the name of pets that can be found around the school, and made connection with the pets that they have been keeping or had on their own at home. Besides that, they also built their research and fine motor skills by recording their observation and findings in drawing chart with any writing tools that they preferred, either a marker or a pencil.

They enthusiastically and happily left their comfortable classroom in the search of the rabbit, fish, turtle, bird, chicken and even goose if they were lucky enough. At the end of the day, during reflection time, some said a pet is the small animal that is better kept in a cage in someone’s house and not in the zoo, as it was said that if this animal joined the zoo animals, the big animals such as tiger would eat them; or else, if it was allowed to wander around the house or school, a human-being would step on it and hurt it. Another student said that we should take care of and feed the rabbit.

Well done, kids!

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