EY1 Mandarin 18-22 February 2019

This week EY1 students learned about Family. They learned to identify family members in Mandarin and sang a song about mother entitled 妈妈真伟大 (Māmā zhēn wěidà) song.

Mandarin words for EY1:

爷爷    Yéyé               Grandfather

奶奶    Nǎinai            Grandmother

爸爸    Bàba               Father

妈妈    Māmā             Mother

哥哥    Gēgē              Older brother

弟弟    Dìdì                 Younger brother

姐姐    Jiějiě               Older sister

妹妹    Mèimei           Younger sister

Mandarin song for EY1: 妈妈真伟大:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUtWKUViFKQ&t=24s

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