Weekly Update Grade 4 25 February – 1 March 2019

Unit of Inquiry

  • Identify the reasons for exploration


  • Engagement – Getting students to as the right questions
  • Collaboration – with students and staff
  • Thinking – Encouraging students to think creatively, critically, and collaboratively  


  • Reviewing improper fractions
  • Reviewing improper fraction as a mixed fraction
  • Expressing a mixed number as an improper fraction using diagram ·         

Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia

  • Menulis rancangan (draft) karangan fiksi dengan memerhatikan huruf kapital, tanda baca, kosakata dan ejaan.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

  • Create a map using My Maps Application
  • Add layer on the map

Physical Education

  • Gymnastic
  • Cooperative games


  • Percussion
  • Music theory: Rhythm quarter and eighth note
  • School production song play the pianika
  • Rubric for singing (vocal performance )


  • presenting own paragraph about “My Favorite Food” ( 我最喜欢的食物 )

Visual Art

  • Continue create the board game

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