S… s… for Sand

Nursery students learnt to identify phonics /s/ as they produced the sound, mentioned the objects whose names are started with /s/ and wrote the letter too. Some of the students came up with the idea that sand is begun with /s/. What was a better way to build better understanding of this topic other than playing with the sand itself? This activity helped them improve the cognitive, motoric and affective skills in the same time. When they jumped in to the sand pit and dug, poured, sifted, scooped, and cleaned up spills; it improved large muscle skills development. Moreover, hand-eye coordination and small muscle control improved as children learn to manipulate sand accessories. These little learners also communicated and collaborated while sharing and negotiating what tools to be used. At the end, they also wrote letter ‘s’ in the sand, something that hopefully helped their sensory memory retained the letter formation much longer.

Nursery Rainbow & Sky

Nursery Sun & Moon

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