Grade 3 Weekly Update (4 – 8 March 2019)

Unit of Inquiry

  • Analyze the connection between geographical features, exploration and community needs


  • Engagement – Getting students to ask the right questions
  • Collaboration – with students and staff
  • Thinking – Encouraging students to think creatively, critically, and collaboratively  


  • Solving word problems involving fractions
  • Measuring the length of objects in m, cm, and mm.


Able to apply ten fingers typing skills

Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia

Menjaga kebersihan lingkungan

Berdialog dengan lafal dan intonasi yang tepat

Menjawab pertanyaan berdasarkan teks bacaan

Physical Education

  • Basketball (Game situation) – Continue
  • Captain Ball


  • Rhythm and Percussion : quarter note and eighth note
  • School production song: play pianica; Neverland part B


  • Presentation about geography in China

Visual Art

Paint the topography project and add some decorations

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