Toddler Excursion to Fauna Land Ancol

According to Boundy, visiting the zoo offers so many incredible opportunities for children to learn about different animal species, their habitats and behavior. It’s also a fun day filled with diversity, color and unique things to see and do,”

Toddler’s recent unit of inquiry is “How the World Works”. With the Central Idea “Animals and plants play different roles in our Lives”. In this unit they have been introducing to various kinds of animals.

At school the toddlers had the opportunity to observe and interact with some of the petting animals such as turtles, fish, rabbits, chicks and ants. While on Friday, 1 March 2019 toddlers had another opportunity to observe more animals. They visited Faunaland Ancol with their mommy or daddy.

There were a lot of animals there. First animals that they observed were panther, tapir, bekantan and birds. Those animals were wild and kept in a cage. Thus, the children only could see them out of the window.

Next, the children went to the birds area to observe and interact with the cockatoo. There, they were allowed to touch and take a picture with the animals so they really took the opportunity to capture the moment excitedly.

After visiting the birds then they went to feed the animals. There were lions, ponies, goats, donkeys and turtles. The lions were so big and amazing. Each children got a piece of chicken to be given to the lions. They gave the meat through the hole provided in the window. Further more they also got some carrots for the other animals like the ponies, goats, donkeys and turtles.

The last activity of the day was watching the birds show. The children and parents were gather in a big garden. The zoo keeper from fauna land opened the show by introducing the name, explained the birds origin and the birds skills. Then they asked the birds to do some attractions such as flying here and there and catching the food. The zoo keeper also encouraged the children to take part of the show by giving the birds some fruits and called the birds name. The show was really entertaining.

The excursion was running successfully. Both the children and the parents were so happy and satisfied with the activities done in Fauna Land. We will see you in the next excursion toddlers.



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