It’s fun to be fit

These are the activities we had in Baby Gym in February. We explored so many body movements in this month. There was also a new topic related to clothes.

During this month we sang three main songs, they were Let’s Get Dressed, Family Finger, and “Topi Saya Bundar”. The babies also decorated origami clothes and coloured in pictures of clothes. We also had a running race where the babies had to match the picture of types of clothes and tag them to a picture of a boy or girl correctly.

The aims of the activities were to develop their sensory experiences of clothes pegs, clotheslines and some types of clothes that are worn by girls or boys.

For the obstacle activities, the babies were sliding using bolster and mat, crawling into the tunnel set and walking up and down using the main gym and colour steps. The babies felt happy doing the activities. During the parachute closing, the teacher pretended to be an elephant by using a tunnel as a costume, then the students feed it with toy of veggies and fruits. It was so much fun!

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